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Living Resources Company - BUGS Parent Company
Providing organic horticultural services for the greater Sacramento California area.

Biological Urban Gardening Services (BUGS), an international membership organization (established in 1987), consisting of horticultural professionals, amateur gardeners and environmentally conscious individuals devoted to reducing our reliance on potentially toxic agricultural chemicals in our highly populated urban landscape

The safety of agricultural chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides) used in our urban landscapes is understandably a growing concern for both the public and professional horticulturists. In 1991, approximately 70 million pounds of pesticides were applied to lawns and other turf sites. Currently 90% of all pesticides (including 32 out of the 34 most widely used lawn care chemicals) registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are lacking one or more health and safety tests that are required for registration. Of the 40 pesticides that compromise over 95% of the chemicals used by commercial lawn care firms, 12 are suspected carcinogens, 21 have been shown to cause long-term health effects in lab animals or humans, and 20 have been shown to cause short-range damage to human central nervous systems.

The U.S. General Accounting Office discovered the chemical lawn care industry was providing the public false and misleading information concerning the safety of the agricultural chemicals they utilize. Landscape care companies have lost court cases (in New York) regarding claims that the materials they use are "Practically non-toxic," "Safe to use," or "Our products are practically non-toxic." Yet many companies are still making similar claims, falsely misleading the public about the safety of their operation. BUGS professional members can help repair the industry's tarnished image by providing safe, natural landscape maintenance services.


BUGS Objectives

BUGS is responding to the demand for a change in the way our urban landscapes are maintained. Members are provided with the latest environmentally sound horticultural information relating to the fields of Plant Health Care (PHC) (e.g., natural fertilization, proper mowing, pruning, irrigation, etc.), Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and many
other related topics. With this knowledge BUGS members are demonstrating to local communities, that healthy, bountiful, and beautiful gardens, lawns and landscapes are obtainable by following organic horticultural practices, while minimizing or eliminating the need for toxic agricultural chemicals.

BUGS Services

BUGS publishes a quarterly newsletter, BUGS Flyer: The Voice of Ecological Horticulture, which covers all aspects of natural landscape maintenance. New products, equipment and horticultural techniques, current research, Integrated Pest Management, organic fertilization, soil science and analysis, and more are discussed. Professional members receive BUGS Professional Collaborator inserted into each issue dealing with topics of particular interest to those who work in the field of horticulture and landscape maintenance, design, and installation.

Informational brochures are available to members through our catalog. Topics covered in the brochures include natural aphid controls (and other specific pests), foliar fertilization, methods of obtaining free advertising, how to become a local garden authority, lawn care, and more. Research is conducted by BUGS on various natural and organic horticultural products and techniques. Our findings are reported in BUGS Flyer.

BUGS Flyer

BUGS Flyer is the only publication of its kind devoted to natural organic landscape maintenance principles, products and practices. Show your support for more ecologically maintained urban landscapes and become a BUGS member.

BUGS Awards

Sacramento County's (California) "Pollution Prevention Award" 1996

IPM Innovators

California Environmental Protection Agency's
"Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Innovator Award" 1998

Pest Management Alternatives 'Pioneer Award'
presented by Californians for Pesticide Reform, September 2000.

This award is associated with the report "Advancing Alternatives: Successful Least-Toxic Pest Management Programs in California's Urban Settings" authored by Pesticide Watch Education Fund and Pesticide Action Network.


Contact BUGS
E-Mail: - bugs@organiclandscape.com
Snail Mail: BUGS
P.O. Box 76
Citrus Heights CA 95611
Or Call: (916) 726-5377


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