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Living Resources Company - BUGS Parent Company
Providing organic horticultural services for the greater Sacramento California area.

Here is a small sample of some of our extensive gardening advice.

FAQ - Why An Organic Landscape?
Frequently asked questions and answers about landscape care.
Landscapes Water Conserving Landscapes
Recommendations on how to keep your yard green with less water.
Composting Compost For Pest Control
How to compost organic waste materials into high quality free fertilizer for your lawn, landscape, garden, and house plants.
Lawn Care Lawn Care Chemicals
Here are some common questions and answers about the lawn care products you might be using, as well as the effects they may have.
Soil Testing Soil Sample Testing For Analysis
Soil sampling is used to determine what fertilizers and organic nutrients need to be added to your soil.
Beneficial Insects Plants That Attract Beneficial Insects
Find out which plants attract which beneficial insect and what those insects do for you garden.