Water Conserving Landscapes

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Providing organic horticultural services for the greater Sacramento California area.

Water conserving landscapes are organically grown.

Many landscapes and gardens are having to survive with less water. Horticultural experts around the country are making similar recommendations on how to keep your yard green with less water.It is not difficult, in fact organic growers have been utilizing these practices for years. The plan includes soil improvement, mulching, and appropriate maintenance.

Soil improvement is best accomplished with additions of organic matter (i.e., compost or composted manures). This loosens and opens the soil allowing better water penetration. It also increased the water holding capacity of the soil.

The improved soil stimulated beneficial microorganisms to assist plants in obtaining additional moisture, and fertilizer while naturally fighting off pests. In established lawns aeration would proceed the application of organic matter allowing the material to penetrate to the turf root zone.

Mulching conserves a great deal of moisture in the landscape and garden. It reduces evaporation from the soil surface, cools the area around the plant reducing the amount of water used by plants. Mulch also reduces weeds that compete for soil moisture. When organic materials are used as they break down they release nutrients that can be utilized by plants and beneficial soil microbes.

Lady BanksAppropriate maintenance encompasses mowing and fertilization. As the temperature rises the mowing height should be raised. For most cool season turf 2 to 3 inches is recommended. This allows the turf to mature and serve as a living mulch. Under drought conditions it is vital to encourage slow steady plant growth. Organic, natural fertilizers (i.e., Ringer Lawn Restore, Sustane) release their nutrients slowly over time resulting in steady plant growth. The use of chemical fertilizers stimulates a flush of green growth increasing the plants water requirements.

There are many advantages to utilizing an organic landscape maintenance services. It is environmentally sound, and provides beautiful landscapes that are safe to humans and the environment. And what is important is it conserves precious water. Utilizing organic horticultural practices will conserve water even before you adjust and turn on your irrigation system.

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