Soil Test Info Sheet

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Living Resources Company - BUGS Parent Company
Providing organic horticultural services for the greater Sacramento California area.

Soil test information.

Use this form to send us your soil sample for quality testing, then mail it to:

Biological Urban
Gardening Services

The Voice of Ecological Horticulture

PO Box 76
Citrus Heights CA 95611

Name: Date Sampled:
Telephone Number:
Sample number:
Crops to be grown:
Previous crops (if perennial, what age?):
Sample depth:
Tillage depth (i.e., depth of rototiller, cultivation):
Lands History (last 2 years):

Fertilizer applied:
Lime applied (type):
Sulfur applied (source):
Gypsum applied:
Manure applied:
Compost applied:

Date last applied: Amount:
Date last applied: Amount:
Date last applied: Amount:
Date last applied: Amount:
Date last applied: Amount:
Date last applied: Amount:

Soil ammendments applied:
Cover crops/green manures used:
Pesticides used (when & how much?):


Noticeable problem encountered (plant growth/pest problems):


Most common weed types found:

Method of Irrigation:
Problems with irrigation water quality known (explain):

Manure / compost - type accessible:
Soil drainage:
Soil texture:
Size of landscape sampled (in square feet):
Additional pertinent information that may be useful in reading sample:

(The following information can be obtained from your County Cooperative Extension office)

Average last spring frost date:
Average first fall frost date:
Average summer hightemperatures:
Average winter low temperatures:
Average annual rainfall (in inches): Rainy months:
Grand total: ____________________


Name: ___________________________________________________________


Business Name: ___________________________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________________
Street or PO Box City State Zip Code


Home Phone: ___________________________________________________________


Work Phone: ___________________________________________________________


E-Mail Address: ___________________________________________________________